Why semi/skimmed milk makes you FAT

  • How skimmed milk makes you FAT

 Tesco British Skimmed Milk 2.272L/4 Pints

Before the 1970s nobody drank skimmed milk. We drank whole milk with cream on top – the more cream the better! We didn’t have the weight problems and diabetes that we have today. Here is one reason why ….

When you remove the fat from milk, the natural sugars in the milk are concentrated. This raises your blood sugar level quickly, triggering the hormone insulin, which causes your body to store that sugar as fat.

The lack of nutritious fat in your milk (containing several essential vitamins) will keep you permanently hungry, and craving sugar.  If you want to lose weight, or maintain your weight, it is much easier if you swop low fat dairy products back to full fat butter, cheese and milk.  This will leave you feeling satisfied and with stable blood sugar levels.

Your body needs saturated fat – much better to get it in the form of a natural, nutritious food like milk, than a nutrient deficient piece of cake which your body will quickly convert to saturated fat.

Give it a go – swop your low fat dairy for full-fat dairy and watch those sugar cravings disappear.

Pig farmers feed skimmed milk to their pigs to FATTEN THEM UP!

NB: Children and teenagers need full-fat milk. It contains all the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.  Semi/skimmed milk deprives them of essential nutrients, upsets their blood sugar levels, and keeps them permanently hungry.


















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