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5 Reasons why raw milk is a good choice

5 Reasons why raw milk is a good choice A healthy immune system: Raw milk contains immunoglobulins, vitamin D and healthy bacteria which naturally boost the immune system in children and adults. Fewer allergies and less asthma: Studies have shown that children brought up on raw milk have fewer allergies and less asthma.  (See […]

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5 Supplements to help reduce Stress

5 Supplements to help reduce Stress Vitamin C – Vitamin C will allow you to respond properly to life`s stresses and recover more quickly from them. Relora – promotes a feeling of relaxation and calm and reduces emotional over-eating leading to weight loss.  It relieves stress, anxiety, anger and depression by suppressing over-production of cortisol.  […]

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8 Reasons why a low fat diet makes you gain weight

8 Reasons why a low fat diet makes you gain weight! A low fat diet makes you tired so you turn to carbs for energy. Carbs cause weight gain. They also only provide short-term energy so you have to eat them often!  Frequent snacking on carbs leads to weight gain and difficulty losing weight. A […]

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Gluten + Weight gain

Gluten & Weight Gain A recent study documented in “The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry” Jan 2013 shows how eating gluten causes weight gain. Gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley flour – bread, cakes, biscuits, pasta, pizza, pastry – and as an additive in processed foods.  It is a bigger problem today because […]

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Why semi/skimmed milk makes you FAT

How skimmed milk makes you FAT   Before the 1970s nobody drank skimmed milk. We drank whole milk with cream on top – the more cream the better! We didn’t have the weight problems and diabetes that we have today. Here is one reason why …. When you remove the fat from milk, the natural […]

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How to use a blood sugar monitor to lose weight

  How to lose weight   using a blood sugar monitor £12.99   Sugar and carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels.  High blood sugar levels are a sign that you are eating too many carbs, too often. High blood sugar levels are damaging to the brain and organs so the excess sugar is converted […]

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